Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm not broody, but...

picture of a baby's hands over my first finger. The difference in size is as you'd expect - big man hands and tiny baby fingers.

I loved how small her hands were next to mine. Her tiny fingers, tinier fingernails.

I loved the tiny details of her skin. Soft and malleable, waiting for her to grow into it.

I loved how small her head was, the tiny features of her nose.

I loved watching her sleep, the rise and fall of this tiny body, sleeping, dreaming, oblivious to the room, the world, nestled in my arms, comfortable.

I loved that I wasn't afraid to hold her.

She was the youngest baby I have ever met, born a mere eight days earlier, all six pounds, two ounces of her. As the others in the room chatted to her parents, I stared at the beautiful infant in my arms, the others perhaps not knowing that this was one of the only times I've ever held such a young human.

I thought of all the things that could have happened and thankfully didn't before she was both and about all the good things that may happen to her in her life and hopefully will.

She woke, her tiny arms and legs moving as she did so, her world expanding into sounds, shaped and colours. Her tiny eyes opened, her mouth smiled and she drifted back off for another few minutes. I was fascinated. New life fascinates me.

I held her in my arms, tenderly. Not broodily, but with more care, attention and love than I've felt in a long long time.

Picture of me with a tiny baby sleeping in my arms


  1. There is nothing like a tiny new life in your arms to put the world into perspective!

    She looks adorable.

  2. There is nothing yummier than a tiny baby...

    Gorgeous post Dar :)

  3. how cute is she :)
    lovely lovely post

  4. she's gorgeous darragh!! :)
    nice post :) warms the heart to see something like this

  5. No... not brooding at all ;)

  6. Grannymar: She really is. Of course that's when she's asleep - the best way for most babies to be!

    Daily Daydreamer: Thanks :)

    Tatty: VERY cute. Must be good genes.

    Dermot: That she is alright. Made a change from the usual running around...

    David: Oh defo broodING just not broodY.

  7. That's the strangest product review I've seen yet.

    Do you have to send her back? I'm in the market you know...

  8. That's the strangest product review I've seen yet.

    Feck off you. I'm not *just* a review junkie, I'm conserving my creativity for other things at the moment!

    I had to send her back...

  9. I find babies grand for the first five minutes but frankly, it gets old.

  10. @voodoolady that's the general idea :D

    Darragh she is indeed a little beauty just like her big sister :) Great post.