Thursday, July 03, 2008

(net)Working hard at 2gether08

Honestly, I am. It's all about the charity you know.

It's a hard life, all this volunteering. Like, seriously

Millie Robson, a specialist photographer for pole dancers, performance artists and portraits, nude and non nude acted in Web 2.0, the musical yesterday. The bottom picture are my friends from :)

Full report to come tomorrow and over the next few days. It was great.


  1. Somehow I think you enjoyed that ;)

  2. was it Chris Rock that said you have to have something seriously wrong with you to be at a stripclub during the day?!

    You're really getting around, you've gotta get some television slot eventually if you keep this up!

  3. @B so long as it's not on the news ;) Working hard my eye!

  4. I didn't know they took volunteers in the London Porn festival.

  5. At last, your motives are revealed.

  6. Yup. For the charity. right

  7. Well, you know anything I can do to promote people working more with charity and doing something to change the world, I will ;-)

    @grannymar - it was good fun. Millie is an amazingly agile dancer with a great personality and smile to boot :)

    @B'dum - not sure about the quote, but yes, getting and staying around :) Thanks for the comment!

    @Niamh - working very hard!

    @Lottie - you looking for an application form?

    @Darren - motives? Moi?

    @David - yep, charity. Helping people to help themselves :-P

    @Anthony - just what I thought buddy :)

  8. you lucky git! a lot better looking than trees blowing in the wind

  9. Was great to meet up again at 2gether08 Darragh!

    Talk soon :)