Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Your favourite YouTube videos on the big screen

You'll see this out there today on other great blogs, including the screening of Tron for the first time in 25 years, but I'd like to draw your attention to Darklight's Budda Bag YouTube salon.

I did this last year and it was great fun. A very simple idea - choose your favourite You Tube videos, line them up on the laptops and show the audience what you like!

You get 30 minutes to show off your chosen videos. It's a great idea for the people who make their own films, who do interesting mash-ups or who just have funny ideas and talent.

I met some really interesting people doing it last year and saw some videos I wasn't even aware of.

I'm hoping Darren, Anthony, Ben and myself may be able to throw some sort of show together... stay tuned!

Find out more here. To book a place email the lovely Sinéad at sinead[at]darklight[dot]ie

How creative could you be and what would you choose if you got a go?

This one will always be one of my favourites:


  1. I'm in. How would we do it? 30 minutes each back to back or all of us contributing to one 30 minute section?

  2. We should aim for a combined 30 minutes. Though, I can immediately think of a few of my faves that would fill an hour or two.

  3. I think I'll sit this out and watch the Masters!

  4. Iv some decent footage here handy that i took in a travel lodge couple years back, i mean we might have to blur out some faces for legal reasons, the camera work is shakey but the night vision stuff is clear enough and if you tilt your head to the side it kinda looks like a face. . .

    sorry what was this thing about again?? What would i want with a parachute, im sorry, i wasn't listening at the start there. .

  5. thanks darragh

    that was fun but this year i have to go to cork for a wedding which is pity

    keep up the great blogging sir !