Tuesday, June 03, 2008

LiveIt.ie - one of the poorer campaigns I've seen. Probably.

I'm not really into soccer, but I was at the Luas stop and was bored. So I saw this ad for a FREE UEFA 2008 Supporters pack. I never say no to free stuff.

I had to either visit the website or text (standard rate) to 51444.

Not having my laptop with me, I opted for text. The reply was

To claim your free
CARLSBERG football
we need your email.
Please reply with
the word EMAIL and
your email address.
To STOP reply STOP.
Dont FWD to <18.>
Grandio so, off went my reply to receive this text:
Thanks. We've sent an
email to that address.
Please fill out the
forms and we'll send
you your CARLSBERG
football. To STOP
reply STOP. Dont FWD
to <18.>
And then... the subsequent email read...

That's right... visit the website to register. So tell me, what was the point of the text message in the first place?

The email wasn't personalised, it didn't say thanks for texting - in fact it had no recognition of who I was. They could have as easily

(a) not had the text option in the first place, or
(b) written "Text Email followed by your email address to 51444"

But I suppose people may have not got that. Complete waste of two texts, after which they now have my number and my email address. "Nice".

To add insult to injury, after the registration process on their site which gets all your details (if you're honest) and your friends (if you want them to) and then sends you an email saying:

"... Your details are currently being processed. Should you qualify you will receive your kit..."

Should I qualify? Would it not have been easier to have a counter so you could say "We're sold out, they're all gone, sorry" or something similar?

Honestly, who thinks these things through? Did they charge a large amount of cash for it? Probably.

I know it's churlish of me to complain about free stuff but for the amount of data I've given you'd expect something better than "ah sure we might send you it".

I'm still waiting to see a clever advertising campaign integrating web, text and phone. Bluetooth would be an added bonus. I'm keeping an eye on Paul Dervan's great blog on marketing to see what's out there.

I'm also really liking Ads of the World which I found over on the Prosperity blog.


  1. Hi Darragh, without knowing the details, this feels like something that sounded nice and simple at a brainstorm session....but ended up very messy, possibly after legal people, data protection and limitations of 160 characters in an SMS. Pity.

    This concept was probably well-founded and with the best intentions but execution let them (and you) down. Although wouldn't be too impressed with the asterix in the initial headline:).

  2. How exactly do you "qualify"?

  3. That photo at the end frightened me! I thought it was the effect of you winning Blog of the Month! ;)

  4. Ah, the old "You get nothing for free" lesson learned...welcome to my world of complete scepticism...never send a text, never register on a marketing website, never email voluntarily someone who wants to sell you something... And I'm an ex-marketer ;o) I should know!!!

  5. Hey Paul, thanks for the comment.

    You're right I suppose. The company wanted a way of delivering their message.

    Some sales person went and sold them an all singing, all dancing interactive experience, possibly without checking with the designers/programmers/legal/marketing team what could be done.

    The client loved it.

    Salesperson goes back and says "This is what I've said" and the others go "Ohhhh, can't do that. Or that or that or that."

    So instead of approaching the campaign from "What can we do properly" they went with "Well here's the stuff we tried. But eh, sure it's alright, you'll be grand."

    It's amazing how many companies approach things from this way. Advertising could achieve so much more by promising low and exceeding expectations, rather than what it does, which is ultimately leave a bad taste in the mouth.

    @B - another good question!

    @grannymar - I smiled a whole lot wider than that! :D

    @mj - ah my dear, I'm working in it now. That's why, with all the developments, the previous mistakes and lessons learned and all of that, I'd have thought that some company out there would have thought "Okay, here's what we'll do, and go with it". I'm waiting to see that happen.

  6. Grrrrr. Grrr. and Grrr some more.