Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gulliver in sand at CHQ

I didn't get around to blogging about this till now, but was really glad to see one of my favourite books being chosen as the Dublin: One City One Book choice.

At the CHQ building in Dublin, there were some amazing sand sculptures by the incredibly talented Irish trio of Duthain Dealbh.

The detail was just incredible and my camera didn't do it justice

My favourite though was outside:

Absolutely stunning, and a real treat to see such high quality art in Dublin. Check out the guys behind it here.


  1. They are incredible.

  2. thanks for the comment GM. They really made me proud to see all the tourists marvelling at the skill of Irish artists. I'd love to see more of this happening around the place.

  3. Wow, they're amazing!

    They had a similar sand exhibition last year when I was in Jersey but my camera decided to up and die on me as soon as I got there.

  4. Stunning sculptures alright. I started reading Gulliver's Travels recently but stopped after about 1/3 through - it was just becoming a chore to read and I didn't like it at all.

  5. @annie - hello there :) thanks for saying hello. Hate that about the camera but I did something similar recently ... and I'm not happy :(

    @le craic - apparently they're creating a new one out in Portmarnock at the moment too!

    Give the book another go. It's very funny in places - far before its time like most great books are!