Tuesday, May 13, 2008

60 years of Israel : Exile Remembered

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Exile Remembered: An evening of music, poetry and reflection

Dear Darragh

The 60th anniversary of the establishment of the state of Israel is for some a day of celebration, for others a day of reflection. For Palestinians it marks the nakba (catastrophe) - when 400 villages were destroyed and 750,000 refugees fled to the West Bank, Gaza Strip and beyond.

Trócaire and Poetry Ireland invite you to join world renowned soprano Judith Mok, celebrated author Seamus Cashman and emerging poet Keelin Barry and others for an evening of music and poetry exploring themes of home, displacement and self-determination.

When: Thursday May 15, 6.30-8.00pm
Where: Unitarian Church, St. Stephen's Green, Dublin
Admission Free

For further information, contact campaigns@trocaire.ie

Thank you,
Ciara Gaynor, Alice Mary Higgins & Lawrence McBride,
Trócaire Campaigns team.
I can't make my mind up about Israel and Palestine and the conflict there. It's yet another one of those things I don't know enough about except to say feelings run deep on both sides and that the violence is abhorrent. Just recently Israel has dismissed an approach for peace saying it "did not appear to be serious".
Hamas yesterday said it would agree to a six-month truce in Gaza if Israel commits to lifting its siege of the Palestinian territory once 'the calming takes effect.'

It said the truce could then extend to the occupied West Bank after the initial phase.

It said any period of calm between them and Israel must be reciprocal, simultaneous and comprehensive, and must include lifting the blockade and ceasing all aggression.
Is there an answer for a resolution in what's supposed to be the Holy Land? We can certainly hope so.

An evening to reflect on what's happening in our world, to learn more and to pray to whatever God you follow for a peaceful resolution may be a good option to help make a difference, if you can.

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