Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Interview for the Visually Impaired Computer Society of Ireland

I was delighted to be asked by Digital Darragh to contribute to a podcast for the Visually Impaired Computer Society of Ireland recently. We sat down in the Westbury and had a good chat. It's just gone live and can be heard below.

We discussed what exactly social networking is, what I get from the whole thing (that was a long segment), what people should be scared of, if anything, about blogging and about Boards.ie.

I quite like that you can hear the buzz of people, the chatter of the place, the clatter of the cups and so on around us. I wish I'd been a better speaker but it had been a long day.

The interview starts at around 30:52.

(You'll need to let it (down)load)

I'm particularly impressed to see organisations like VICs Ireland using tools like podcasts to communicate with their members. I hope those listening learned something small at least!


  1. It was a great interview well done.

  2. Interesting, as in 2010 I'll be spending some time learning how to design computer and web applications with user interface in mind, with special care taken for special needs users. I've already somewhat pitched the idea of building a web-based twitter client with such users in mind. Great interview, once again.