Friday, March 06, 2009

National Lottie wins, Off Her Rocker ends and the whole of the moon

It's one of those days I guess. Shortly after I read that the wonderfully talented Lottie has won February's Blog Post of the Month for her post on Misadventures in Life and Fashion, I go to read that my inspirational friend Nay is finishing the Off Her Rocker Blog over at Hot Press and heading off for new adventures and, hopefully, to pastures green.

I first met Nay in an official capacity where she, as Hot Press photographer, was working at the Bright New Sounds gig - wow, nearly a year ago! Impressed by her ownership of the event and what she needed to get done and how (basically just point me in the direction and let me get on with it) she stuck in my head as someone I'd like to know.

I started reading the Off Her Rocker blog. I know virtually nothing about Irish music past what's already on my iPod so the amount of people, gigs, albums and art that I found out there was such a revelation. Every post was well thought out, there was no just "throwing it up there" and she had such a genuine interest and passion for the music, it practically shone from it. It became a regular destination.

I was lucky enough to meet her then later in the year and we've since become good friends. I can understand completely how - and why - she feels she has to stop - pressure, time (especially raising two small children), criticism, lack of support, lack of resource - all things that have such a draining effect. While I'm sorry to see her go because of the big gap she will leave, I'm glad she's leaving to try something new, exciting and hopefully more fulfilling.

I trust too that the big space she leaves will help people - and indeed Hot Press themselves - see what a need there is for people to support the Irish music industry both online and offline - it's why events like the Road Records benefit is happening - and why other music bloggers who give people coverage/priase/feedback/a break - Nialler9, Guess List,, Drop-d,, Swear I'm not Paul, MP3 Hugger, Ragged Words, Nick Thinks, On the Record and Analogue to name but a few that I have found through my wanders from Off Her Rocker and more - are so important to keeping us up to date with what's going on.

From the amount of musicians I have spoken to, every review, every interview, ever photo and every piece of promotion all helps and is appreciated. Those who know how can really help those who don't, but want to learn. Nay was someone who lived and breathed that. She still is.

It's been interesting to see the reaction to some blogs ending. I'll miss blogs like Sinéad's, Una's and The Chancer but look forward to finding new ones too and catching up with the people that I don't get to read often enough. Blogging is alive and well and I can only thank all those who have contributed to my first, quite eventful year at it, but who, for their own great reasons, have decided enough is enough. It must be a hard thing to do. Fair play to yis.

As for the rest of us, sure all we can do is keep on truckin. Nay, this one is for you - shot at the Tuesday's Child gig in Vicar Street on February 6. You have no idea how difficult it was for me not to sing along and ruin the video ;-)


  1. Well done to Lottie - woo!

  2. :)

    Thank you Darragh...I remember meeting you for the first time too. One of those unusual nights I'd slope up, the little knowitall who thought it was a normal job on a normal night and I'd be done in no time.
    Little did I know I'd walk out with appleseed in my pocket. We have indeed become good friends - the kind who laugh, chat, argue and slag each other off. We do the Big Chats at 4am, meet up for coffee and hang out on each others blogs. Sometimes every day, sometimes after week-long absences and nothing ever changes, it's right back in the groove again.

    And now one of the pages has it's final red biro mark made in a corner. I think it's a nice, bold tick.
    Summer vacation ahead before a new term starts. I'm off for some bicycle rides and lazy days in the Library. You can come too xx