Friday, February 06, 2009

Very special concerts tonight and tomorrow night in Vicar Street for children in Gaza

I'm delighted that things have worked out to allow me go to the Tuesday's Child Gigs for Children In Gaza in Vicar Street tonight.

Link to PDF version here

From the press release:

Some of the biggest names in Irish music are teaming up with the Irish-based children’s charity Tuesday’s Child to aid suffering children in Gaza.

Lisa Hanningan, Neil Hannon, Mary Black, Liam O’MaonlaĆ­, Eleanor McEvoy, Paul Brady, Kila, One Day International, Frances Black, Mundy and friends will perform over two fabulous nights of music in Vicar St.

The musicians, who are donating their time and talents for free, will be singing their hearts out on behalf of children whose voices have been drowned out and tragically silenced by this most violent of wars.
Orla Sheehan is the lovely lady from Tuesday's Child who is arranging all of this with Sorcha and the team from Aiken Promotions. Though based on the North Parade in Belfast, Orla is currently preparing for the concert tonight. Recently back from Gaza herself, she said
“We are devastated by the recent conflict in the Middle East and the slaughter of so many innocent children and young people. I have never witnessed a violation of human rights like Gaza. The injustices these forgotten children face are cruel beyond words.

Their little lives were already so fragile and hanging on by a thread. They were suffering dreadfully, even before this invasion.

Since 27th December, some of the children we were feeding have been killed; others have died slowly of starvation and dehydration. Hundreds of others are seriously injured, many are orphaned and have lost siblings and thousands have been left homeless. Some we cannot locate.

No child in this conflict will be left unscarred. The greatest tragedy of all is that this war has the potential to make the world an unsafe place for many more children around the world.”
There's a fantastic auction happening too with some great prizes - a signed fender guitar and tickets for their O2 concerts from Snow Patrol; a limited edition - one of 35 to be exact - Thin Lizzy Tour Jacket, from the 1978 Alive and Dangerous Tour as well as donations from The Chieftans, Cat Stevens, the Beach Boys, award winning poet Paul Muldoon, Irish Gold Olympians Ronnie Delaney and Kenny Egan and Michelin chef Richard Corrigan.

Tikcets are €25 each and almost sold out for tonight. All proceeds will go towards the Tuesday’s Child emergency relief fund for food, water, milk, medicines, mattresses and blankets.

You can find out more on the Tuesday's Child website or over on

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  1. Hey Darragh, thanks for the blog. The concerts raised 82,500 euro all of which went to children in Gaza. We went out again this month for 14 days to meet some of the children who benefited from the proceeds. Gaza is terrible. The humanitarian crisis is shocking. People are starving, in despair and bewildered at the inability of the world to intervene. You can follow the daily blog from our trip on Orla x