Sunday, February 01, 2009

Old Jews telling jokes

I'm loving this website and the idea behind it.

From site creator Sam Hoffman:

"My dad can tell a story. But he’d prefer to tell a joke.

Storytelling is a Jewish tradition. You’ve probably seen Fiddler on the Roof. Whenever they ask the Rabbi a question, he tugs thoughtfully on his beard and says “let me tell you a story.” Then they sing.

Jokes are like stories, but shorter and funnier. Old jokes tend to have a stigma, but they only last if they’re good. Some of the best ones provide a window to the culture of a bygone era. They can reveal the concerns of a generation or even the generation before. Anxieties of coming to a new country, of prospering, of assimilating, of having families, of fearing and worrying about, well, everything. Humor was and is the ultimate anti-depressant.

My father gathered twenty of his friends to share their favorite jokes. We set three rules for the production: the joke-tellers were to be Jewish, at least sixty years of age and they were to tell their favorite joke – the one that always kills.

Here, you will find them, Old Jews Telling Jokes."
(Found via the ever superb Panti blog)


  1. It really is. I'm tempted to do an Irish version. "Old culchies telling jokes" or some such.

  2. Brilliant! :) Going in my five a day again! :D

  3. haha...totally do a Irish version. Rock it.

  4. But...But...But...there's only 4