Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dubliners, have you been hugged by Siobhan yet?

That there is the lovely Siobhan from the Dublin 98 morning crew.

She's in Marks and Spencers on Grafton Street, Dublin today as part of the Dublin Hugathon, a world record attempt to beat the current record for most hugs in 11 hours - she has to hug over 4,315 people to do so.

UPDATE: 13:45 - Siobhan has hugged over 2,650 people already!

The early morning queues helped her do so.

It's all in aid of the 98 Care4Kids Radiothon, which is running on March 6th and 7th. Over the two days 98’s presenters and staff focus solely on 98’s Care4Kids Radiothon to raise money for the three Children’s hospitals - National Children’s Hospital Tallaght, Temple Street University Hospital and Crumlin Children’s Hospital.

Over the past two years we broadcasted live from all three children’s hospitals, airing many interviews with the sick children, their parents and hospital staff. 98’s listeners got a real feel of what it's like to be a sick kid or parent and what they deal with everyday, as well as heart wrenching stories from hospital staff that look after and treat the kids daily.

Apart from the on-air success, over the past two years 98’s Care4Kids Radiothon has raised over €1 million. It was done through phone & text pledges, auctions and fun in the work place with jersey and pyjama days, where staff got involved by wearing their favourite sports shirt and pyjamas at work and donating money.
You know me, happy to give a hand (or a hug) for charity - in fact I think I got three :)

She gives a great hug. She's down there until 7pm tonight and you can follow her on the 98 website and over on If you're in the area, give some money, get a hug!


  1. They've hit 2500 already according to the DJ on at the minute, ahead of schedule :)

  2. Former Aengus Fanning Lovely Girl gives good... hug. Yerp. Great cause.

  3. Now, Darragh, be honest: were you really anywhere near Grafton Street or did you make a special trip there just for a hug from a lovely girl?

    Nothing wrong with that, of course, it's as valid a reason to be on Grafton Street as any.

  4. Niamh: Just spotted on Twitter they have less than 1,000 to go and 3 hours to do it in.

    Ciara: Brilliant cause alright

    Andrew: Just so happened to be on my way to work from where I was last night - otherwise would have had to pop over at lunchtime. Had a lovely walk through the Green looking at all the flowers before walking down Grafton and into herself. Highly recommended!

  5. I won't be in town until fairly late this evening so poor old Siobhan is going to have to make a separate arrangement to hug me. she knows where to find me.

    Hey, why is there no 'email me any follow up comments' box for me to tick here? It's useful, though i'm sure you know that.

  6. this report is fantastic....

    i love this blog..

    i will come over here often

  7. Like an Irish Amma!