Saturday, January 17, 2009

Would you give these people a hug?

"All I think about is you and I hate you for that. Go commit murder or bomb planes, so I have a reason to fall out of love with you. All I think about is you and you don’t have the slightest idea. All I think about is you."

"Every time you talk about him, it’s like daggers in my heart, but you need someone to listen, so I continue to bear it"

"I know I deserve better, but I can’t block you out. You come and go as you please, take stuff as you need, and then we don’t talk for months on end again - then you come back. And I always accept you back, knowing I will end up hurt. I sit here writing this with tears running my face because of frustration or something, I don’t know what. I just want you to know I need more from you, or nothing at all."

"i feel like i can tell you anything and it’s really cool, but makes me sad that it’s not him. i think you know me more than he does sometimes"

";-; whats wrong with me?whats wrong with me?whats wrong with me?"

"you called me and told me you had something important to tell me in person and not over the phone. i ran to you. i find out that you’re back with one of my best friend. cheers."

"i don’t know how to stop loving him. i worry that i will never find anyone else i can love again. i don’t want to get hurt again."

"i’m proud of myself.

i fell into depression because one complete douchebag’s constant lying to me:
- “i love you.”
- “no, i’d never cheat on you.”
- “no, i’ll never cheat on you again.”

and instead of becoming suicidal and turning to harmful things to make myself feel slightly better, i’ve managed to become the happy, beautiful person that i’ve always wanted to be. all because you spurred me towards success. thank you. luck with your new whore of a girlfriend. i pity her deeply."

"i dont care if theres a scientific explanation for it. when street lights go out as i walk under them, it makes me feel special. sometimes i secretly think i have untapped powers."

These confessions and more over on Group | anonymous online confessions. There's more about it here. You can give the people who confess a hug over there if you want to.


  1. Cool. There are some really touching ones on there-as well as some awful ones!
    It makes an interesting read though...I might even have a few confessions of my own for it :)

  2. Great site.

    D you have been so busy since I have been away. Now I have lots of lovely reading to fill my days for a while. :)