Saturday, January 10, 2009

We don't get spammed by just anyone, you know

Reading the emails and comments I've gotten this week while I've been recuperating (thank God for painkillers and Deep Heat is all I can say) I notice that spam comments are on the rise again. So I go about deleting what I find. They're the usual - clothes sites, painting sites, online gaming sites, insurance sites and then...

Oh yes.

That's right.

I get spammed by the Jedi Council. The Jedi Council. The Jedi Council. The Jedi Council of Morm-Jordil no less. Damn right. None of this small town, small island spam for me no more, I now get the spam from galaxies far far away.

Well, okay it's someone representing them, or directing me towards them or asking me to write to my local MP about Ewan McGregor. Oh okay, so it's not Yoda or Mace Windu or Yarael Poof or Ki-Adi-Mundi or Plo Koon. But it's still pretty cool, right? With 390,127 Jedis in the UK in 2001, it's got to count for something, eh? I mean, in spam terms, it's not often you get asked to defend the honour of someone like George Lucas, is it?

So there was I all geeky smug about it, till I googled it. And what did I find? Himself. The ould fella. The smug one with the new book. The git had already been there and blogged it. Sixteen months ago!

Donncha had as well in October. And some fella called Sean Bonner. So really, it's not special spam, not even a little.

So I deleted it. Ewan McGregor can continue his so-called treachery. Boo to Supershadow and all his ilk. I'm not happy being his fourth. Not happy at all.


  1. He has been spamming me for yonks, but I didn't give him the light of day! I dumped him with all those things little old ladies should'nt know about! ;)

  2. That sad tosser has been spamming me for ages. I get a couple a week, including private emails. They all go in the bin, but give me a laugh.

    I'm sometimes tempted to do a post to take the piss, but the poor chap is obviously quite a few pence short of a quid.

  3. I thought I was the only one!

    I reckon we should launch an offensive!

  4. (Thank you for the lovely comment just now) and this is HILLARIOUS!! I so want to get this spam, iv been seriously thinking about publishing a book for ages all about the spam that comes through my blog and emails, I actually read them I think spam is the funniest thing in the world to read in a newsreaders voice! :) just a pain to delete it all tho!

  5. Oh yes, he's an idiot. Hitting me too. I blame Grandad, he found my blog by hitting the link on my name when I left a comment on Head Rambles over a year ago.

    Strange that I still remember that, but he's definitely got a screw loose.