Friday, January 16, 2009

Jaydiohead free album

Radiohead and Jay-Z mashup album produced by Minty Fresh Beats. You know what? It's really rather good.

Track list:

1/10 - Wrong Prayer
2/10 - 99 Anthems
3/10 - No Karma
4/10 - Lucifer's Jigsaw
5/10 - Optimistic Moment
6/10 - Dirt Off Your Android
7/10 - Dreaming Up
8/10 - Change Order
9/10 - Fall In Step
10/10 - Ignorant Swan

Go get it.


  1. dope! good stuff!

  2. The more you listen the more you are hooked.
    I love the tracks esp. Change Order, Lucifers Jigsaw.. and of the opening track Wrong Prayer.Give this a listen. Brilliant mixing

  3. y'know what's better?

    the bends
    reasonable doubt
    ok computer
    airbag ep
    kid a
    the blueprint
    the black album
    hail to the thief
    in rainbows
    american gangster name a few

  4. o, hai hater.

    jaydiohead FTW!