Friday, January 16, 2009

Bike blenders: now you really can have smoothies on the go

So you like that healthy kick in the morning, but you're also facing a hectic bike ride into work?

Now, thanks to Rock The Bike, you can combine both!

Just grab yourself a fender blender:

a bicycle with a food blender installed on the rack over the rear wheel. It uses a dynamo to power the blender

From the site:

Crank out smoothies at your party or school with pedal power!

The smallest and most affordable bike blender we make, it fits on any bike. Pop it on a trainer, and start blending!

Using the optional Bottle Blender accessory, your FBU blends while you ride safely. Prop your bike up on your stationary bike trainer and you have a human power generation station where ever you choose!

It takes about 60-90 seconds of medium-hard pedalling to blend a smoothie with a Fender Blender.
You think I'm kidding?

Just look at the prices! This must be why the USA is considered a world leader.

price list for fender blenders starting with a simple kit for $299

At the time of writing, 399.00 USD = 302.21 EUR. Surely that's worth it for your smoothies, no?


  1. Whatever happened to putting all the ingredients in a screw top jar and shaking vigererously?

    hat, coat...gone!

  2. No!
    You'd wonder who approves such things...