Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday Tune - my theme song?

Raptureponies is asking what your theme song is over on The Blog Pound. For me, it's that tune that comes to you in the happy moments, in the moments you need cheering up or the one you find yourself humming walking down the road or on the bus, much to the amusement of those around you.

My iPod goes practically everywhere with me - I'm far more likely to have that than, say, my bank card or passport. However, as many songs as I have on it, I don't have this one. I'm not sure why, but it's the one that came to me when I read her question today.

I worry sometimes that it's an indication of a subconscious need for friends as validation, rather than me just thinking it's a good tune, but still I come back to it time and again. I have great friends, and yes, it's them I'm normally thinking of when I'm bopping along to this tune.

Andrew Gold - Thank you for being a friend.

Mildly embarrassing? Yes, especially it being the theme tune of The Golden Girls, but hey, it makes me smile, each and every time.

What's your theme song? Head on over to tell Raptureponies!


  1. I suppose we all like associate songs with times, places or faces we love. Old familiar paths.

    Perhaps there's something in the Golden Girls or that fluffy, boa-esque feeling of lifelong friendship you identify with. Or just that you smile when you thing of flirting with Blanche!

  2. by your command :) went to raptureponies and posted. the theme song of my life for the last two years has been U2's Bad. reasons over there.

  3. I love your song :) I think it's perfect...

    And now i'm thinking of you flirting with Blanche :D

  4. Aww, I miss out on stuff like this because I didn't watch much tv as a kid, head was always in a book! My sis loved the Golden Girls though and now I'll think of you...

    I have a couple. I'll post em on Orpees :)