Friday, September 19, 2008

Thoughts and learnings in Dublin yesterday

  • Culchies still refer to the Spire as The Spear
    (Overheard phone conversation on the 39)
  • Pat Ingoldsby's new book will be out in around 4 weeks.

  • A text message from someone thinking of you can make a huge difference to your day.

  • Phonetic spelling will eventually overtake spelling things properly

  • Cowards People who would probably normally shy away from a camera seem to have no problem taking photos of the homeless asleep in the sun for their own amusement

  • Ted Talk podcasts are probably not the best soundtracks to a warm day in the city centre. Many live or unplugged albums on the other hand fit the bill quite nicely.
  • The square in front of Central Bank would make a kick-ass ice skating rink. Seriously. Perfect location if you didn't have big barriers, scumbags, public liability and all that sort of stuff to deal with. People watching, skating and good music in your ears. Fantastic.
  • Finding people in Dublin must be easy. Two junkies walking up from Temple Bar paused while one roared over to a crowd on the other side of the square - "Is there any wan over there that I know?" No reply, they walked on...

  • Sometimes people in real life are actually better than how great you thought they were going to be before you met them.

  • Keogh's do a damn fine cappuccino. Worth waiting for.
  • Stephen's Green is a lovely place in the sunshine. Sitting there with a pretty girl makes it even better.

  • "The difference between an average bartender and a good bartender comes down to personality. Anyone can be taught to pull a pint."
    Conversation at the next table in Dakota.
  • Do you slag the method of communication you're not part of because you don't see the benefit of it, because you think it's stupid or because you're afraid that if you join in, no one will speak to you?

  • Thisisnotashop has brilliant shutter art

  • I'll probably never be a superstar DJ, not knowing most of these songs:

  • My best friend is very much in love. Lucky bastids, the pair of them.

All in all quite a great day. Hope yours was as good and that your weekend will be even better!


  1. Culchies? CULCHIES?

    How very dare you!


  2. Culchies? CULCHIES?

    How very dare you Mr. Kilkenny! Grrr.

    (sorry for copying you offthemeatrack :P)

    There is a lot of information in your post, you had a busy day. :) Have a great weekend yourself also.

  3. do you pay for text messages over there? we used to have free incoming regardless of plans or not, now we need a plan to cover incoming and outgoing, or we pay both ways. of course, a plan costs too :)

  4. That's a great description of Dublin.

    I prefer spear chucker to culchie :) As a good Donegal woman, maybe I should attempt uprooting the spike and chucking it at the tourists.

  5. Ah hah, two hours :p At least those two hours were justified!
    It was LOVELY to hang out. Soundcheck woulda topped it off nicely. Again, again!

  6. Indeed I am! :)

    But I love you too, of course.