Monday, July 28, 2008

This Monday's tune

Last week's song was a bit bouncy, apparently.

Primal Scream's Movin' On Up is even better.

The video looks like it was great fun to make, too.


  1. Great song.

    The Dublin Gospel Choir do a fantastic version...anyone heading to the Electric Picnic should try and catch the DGC...

  2. Any time I stick in Screamadelica I wind up only playing Loaded.

    Bit of extra info: the title track for the album Screamadelica is actually not on the album but rather on the 92 "Dixie Narco" EP. It is routinely called one of the best B-sides of all time.
    Primal Scream are also credited as being a key force in starting the "C-86" scene with an earlier B-side "Velocity Girl".

  3. I love that song!

    @offthemeatrack - Gardiner Street Gospel choir do a pretty good job of it too :) I haven't seen DGC in concert before must check them out

  4. never heard this one before, love it. love it so much i'm gonna buy it off itunes if they have it. you have excellent taste in music.