Saturday, July 05, 2008

Dublin 26-06-08 is now online

You can find out more on I'll be continuing to update the blog here.

I'm very proud to have been involved with this project (as I may have said once or thrice before) and am glad to see it presented online for you to enjoy.

It would be very cool to know what you think of it. Please feel free to leave a comment below or over here.


  1. I've just finished watching it and it's a true achievement in editing and storytelling. Amazing.

  2. Very provocative I think is a good description. Great use of sound. The little coffin cost me a moments breath.

    The mugging scene was frightening!!!! :O

    Loved the bit with the duck. At east I think it was a duck.

    "Famous Ireland Chameleon"-brilliant.

    I can see that WoWC(is that right) bit being used in an ad. Love the ending.

    Why wasn't that part of the Yes campaign?.

  3. That was really impressive. The CG/real world interaction of the WOW characters was very well done. Congrats all.

  4. Only had time to catch the first fifteen minutes or so but was highly impressed by what I saw. The guys working in the fruit market really captured my impressions of dublin early inthe morning and the girl with the chicken was moving in a way I haven't quite managed to understand yet. You should feel really proud to have been involved with it. I look forward to watching the rest.

  5. @Andrew - you should try watch it all. It gets more surreal the further you go into it.

  6. - thanks for the visit and the comment! It is great - the stroytelling as you say is just magnificent. The Raglan Road piece is my favourite.

    @Lottie - I think the Yes Campaign couldn't afford the high production values ;) But agreed on the little coffin; Conor based the mugging experience on a true story; that kid was too cute and the WOW bit was just inspired.

    @Anthony - have passed the congrats on :)

    @Andrew - thanks for watching. Let me know when you see the rest about what you think :)