Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chocaholics: Have a break, have a (slice of) KitKat

I've just got this by email and thought I'd share. I wonder if Grannymar on Monday or Deborah on will take up the idea?

KitKat for serious chocaholics:

We decided to pimp a KitKat Chunky, although there are 2 others already, we thought we could do better in honour of this fabulous snack! We wanted to go BIG.

  • 30 x Sainsbury's Luxury Belgian Milk Chocolate
  • 3 x ScotBlok Chocolate Flavour Cake Covering
  • 6 x Loacker Quadratini chocolate wafers
  • 1 x wallpaper dipping trough
  • 1 x sticky backed vinyl floor tile

Day 1: We cut out the KitKat logo from the floor tile and stuck it to the bottom of the trough (in reverse).

Melted about one third of the chocolate and poured it into the mould. The kids have never seen so much melted chocolate before.

Day 2: The chocolate set overnight. Next stage was to arrange the wafers in five layers along the chocolate.

Then melted the rest of the chocolate and poured it carefully around the wafers, then over the top. The house was starting to smell like Cadbury World. MMMMMMMM! We could not fit it in the fridge flat, cos it was far too big.

Day 3: Woke up early to check the BigKat. Still not Hard enough! Had to put it in fridge, but on a slant.

Finally at around 6pm our creation was hard enough to be born! It turned out surprisingly easy.

Anyone for a slice?

Vital statistics:

  • Size L 59cm x W 17cm x H12cm
  • 45,888 Calories
  • 1860g saturated fat
  • 1120 Weight Watchers points ( this equates to 3 months worth of a daily allowance for a woman)
  • Cost £36.42

One of the geniuses behind the project:

Now I like chocolate (especially Green & Blacks Mint) but not sure I could manage something like that. How about you?


  1. Not for me this one, I only like dark chocolate.

  2. There's a whole website dedicated to snack pimping:

    Some of them are just incredible!

    Not for me though... well okay, not for my hips! :)

  3. Ick! I like chocolate but even I couldn't manage a slice of that!

    Lol @ 3months ww points!

  4. Oh I could. Yum.

  5. seriously cool! I like it, how long did it take to demolish!!?

  6. a kitcat chunky is almost sickening, one that size would be vile.

    Me and a friend once started making the four stick kitkat chunky, like the small one... but huge.

  7. Cadbury World? That's a real place?

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  9. I can't quite work out if that is beautiful or absolutely vile. I'm erring on the side of beautiful. Dark chocolate in smallish doses is more my bag these days though

  10. Thanks for all the great comments :)

    @grannymar - really? You'll have to tell me which type!

    @Darren - you know we should!

    @deborah - cool link, thanks. Some of them are just mad!

    @niamh - course you could ;-)

    @debbiemet - me too :)

    @sam - hi Sam and welcome to my blog. Thanks for the comment! No news on how long it took to demolish I'm afraid - I'd get through it in a week!

    @b - so you could pretend you were a dwarf or a small child eating it? Good idea ;-)

    @tara - if it is, shall we go?

    @Andrew - me too. As I said, Green & Black's all the way!

  11. loved this until i saw how many ww points it had!