Tuesday, May 27, 2008

BATMAN in Dublin: update to the sunset post

The lovely Red Mum just sent me photos from her wonderful photostream of the sunset captured yesterday evening:

Image by Red Mum taken from here

Amazing eh? Great shots, as per usual. Thank you indeed!

But I have to ask. I'm sorry, but I have to...

Image by Red Mum taken from here

Isn't that BATMAN on the far right? And if so, what is he doing over here? Is this, as Anthony has suggested, PR for the upcoming Dark Knight movie? ;-)

Update: Will Knott has pointed to Superman on the left. Any idea who's in the middle?

Too tall to be the boy wonder and has a cape so not Spiderman... any ideas?

(I'm a cheeky pup I know. Congrats to the young wan on the nomination RM. Great stuff!)


  1. Holy Smoke Darragh I think you're right :)

  2. Does that mean that Superman is the figure on the left? So who is in the middle?

  3. Wow, Dark Knight's PR crew have really gone all out.

  4. @redmum - he'll be raging you caught him on camera ;)

    @Willknott - good question. It's too tall to be the boy wonder. You'd probably not see Invisible Man and it's not the Hulk. He's got a cape. Hmmm. Have to think about that.

    @Anthony - it wouldn't surprise me. ;-)

    Cheers for the comments and the laughs :D

  5. The bloke in the middle is Ozymandias

  6. I think Dan is right, and Ozymandias' superior attitude has pissed off batman and he's about to shove him off the roof.