Monday, May 12, 2008

The one with the wee calf

Trying to digest the inspiring weekend I've had in London as well as catch up on all the other posts I have to write and to do the work I'm paid to do (and do it well :P) is a daunting prospect. One admittedly that I'm looking forward to.

Sitting on the 39 to town this morning I'm reflecting on the importance and power of sharing stories.

Experience may well be the best teacher (sorry Paddy) but the lessons, the inspirations, the examples and the pride we can reflect through a simple method of typing into a box on a screen (catpisspot or no) shouldn't be underestimated.

You never know how what you write could inspire, challenge, motivate or enthuse someone to go out and at the very least smile and have a better day.

I know that it happens to me.

(The cow reference? Two cows in a field, which one is on holiday? (Try it in a Kilkenny accent))


  1. You're on a week off? Why didn't ya tell me?

  2. I agree .... experience is the best teacher!

    Anyways .... we teachers are facilitators of learning not vessels of knowledge! God forbid somebosy asked me to answer a question! ;)

  3. @darren - oh dear oh dear

    @paddy - hello there sir, thanks for visiting and commenting. I agree with your points to a degree, but surely teachers should educate themselves as much as possible about the subject they're helping their students learn about?

    I think teachers with that initiative and drive are always the most effective.