Sunday, March 02, 2008

What an amazing night!

Just in the door from the Irish Blog Awards 2008. What an amazing, inspiring night. I got to speak to so many people, I got to see many of my favourite bloggers receive awards and most of all I had fun. Lots of fun! MP has the full list of winners.

I know it will be said a lot in the coming days, but fair play to Damien Mulley for all his work on this. The Meteors had nothing on tonight. The genuine affection, community spirit and friendship that was fostered through the event tonight was so impressive and - sorry to use the word again, but - inspiring that I resolved to stop just reading and become even more active.

I hope I haven't lost my camera because I got some great shots, but I have a warm thank you to say to a number of people that I met tonight for being open and welcoming to my "oh my God it's you!" excited, fan-boy, complete lack of dignity approach...

Damien, sir, meeting you was a genuine thrill, and thanks for taking the time to say hello. Fair play on the night - impressed and inspired me more than I can tell you.

Maman Poulet, congratulations on your wins - so well deserved. Thank you for making Darren and I feel so welcome, thanks for indulging me with my enthusiasm and thanks for the laughs!

I'm now really looking forward to Kilkenny, having met Ken McGuire from Kilkenny Music. Really nice guy! With him was the very cool Ross Costigan - yes, the Mohawk guy - who we had a great chat with. Looking forward to catching up with you guys at the Creative Camp next weekend!

Michael Nugent, meeting you was brilliant! I wish I'd brought my Dear John books to sign, but you're a gentleman and I hope to be able to buy you a pint some time!

Rick O' Shea - I know you're sick of me, but hey, you rock. Congrats on the awards. Your presenting was brilliant, your genuine surprise at winning and acceptance speech were touching and you're a nice guy.

I got the book signed by Twenty Major, who was so exactly how I would never have pictured him it was perfect. Legend!

I was surprised (and a bit chuffed) that Des Traynor from IQ Content recognised me... strange and small world it is sometimes...

Bock the Robber - a man whose identity shall remain hidden. I of course politely enquired if he might be a certain Mr Major - ohhh bad idea! Nice guy though!

Rapture Ponies, your identity is also safe with me. Genuinely lovely to meet you! You've got a great smile.

Speaking of great smiles, Grannymar, you're soooo brilliant! The room was silent as you made your engaging speech thanking bloggers, commenters, readers, sponsors and of course the woman who pushed you into it all. Meeting you was a highlight of the night for me. Well done.

Equally, meeting Ellybabes, the first blog I ever added to my reader was a real buzz. Herself and her husband George were genuinely happy to have a chat and to push us to blog more. I can definitely see where your mother gets it from ;)

I met Grandad! He was cool! Almost exactly what I expected, a terribly nice guy. Found the badges eventually! How Granny puts up with him I don't know (as she told me herself...). Congratulations on the win, sir! is well named, blog and staff wise. I spoke briefly to Kirstie and Lynnie from there - lovely ladies, looked great and very nice people :-) Won Best Group Blog too!

And well dressed continues with the very wonderful Julie-Ann from, who brought some of her organic t-shirts with their curious characters on them. Really amazing idea that I really hope will catch on, because she's bright, enthusiastic and passionate about it. They looked really well too!

And from one great designer to another - the best designer winner in fact - a blogging hero of mine, Sabrina Dent. I said a lot of it tonight Sabrina, gushing as it was, but I meant it. What you did with TwoTitsandaVote was inspiring, I do love your blog and, well, sometimes you hear that it's better not to meet your heroes, but in this case I'm glad I met one of them!

An t-uasail Conn Ó Muíneacháin as Edgecast - tá brón orm. Tá tú abhaile anois ag éist le mo ramblings no doubt pressing the fast forward button trying to get past my ramblings. Go raibh maith agat for the chance to give my feedback though!

Belfast was well represented that night. Manuel from Well Done Fillet was there - hearing that story in person was even funnier; Sharon from The Voyage (congrats on the win!) was there - we had a great chat - and then Julie-ann and her friend Michelle Gallen and though the conversation was brief, I got a real sense of this feisty, intelligent woman behind the writing I've now subscribed to. I was glad to meet you!

CurlyK from ThatFridayFeeling - you lied to me! You said you "don't really blog"... I don't think blogging since at least 2006 counts as "don't really blog", eh? Really lovely to meet you though.

Feisty was a go last night - I met both Gingerpixel and Redmum at the one table with family members (3 generations) all around - same table as Grannymar and Elly actually. Flame haired beauties is all I can say!

Another beauty was the Humble Housewife, who swears to God she's Irish, ignore the accent... UnaRocks, who I met only briefly (but was lovely), had a trés chic pirate handbag and Maryrose looked fabulous as well. I have a memory as well of briefly meeting the captivating "oh it's just my work dress and red shoes" Maz from Style Treaty. I mean, seriously, lot of good looking women there!

Keiran from IcecreamIreland showed up in full regalia following the popular vote. Another absolute gentleman whose personality and humour were a great part of the night.

Nialler9, who won best music blog was quite a surprise in a good way. It's so easy to picture certain bloggers as, well, older, based on the quality of their work. There were a lot of younger faces around the place which bodes well for next year! I hope State is a success.

Darren, cheers my brilliant friend! I so owe you pints and many of them. Bizzarely enough, there's a certain where's-the-other-R Daragh who contributes to the fabulous who was there with his wife who is cousin to Darren's girlfriend... How small can one world be?

It's 5am. You get the gist. Lot of brilliant people. It was great. More in a few hours.


  1. Lovely to meet you and Darren last night. Glad you enjoyed it - the atmosphere is very special at these awards and long may it continue! Sloping off for brunch now...

  2. yay! I must have been the only one you didn't meet on the night - but I was there - and you're right, what a great night it was!

  3. Good to meet you last night......and if you get a chance drop me a copy of that photo would ya.....cheers

  4. Darragh, great to meet you in Dublin last night. Have a few photos to stick up when the hangover subsides. Looking forward to CreativeCamp, must finish that chat about Bright New Sounds?

  5. Was a fab night - didn't expect to enjoy it half as much as I did...course it helped that I brought my bestest friends in the world to support me (although they didn't actually do that as much as get embarrassed by my mostly inappropriate behaviour).

    Inappropriate behaviour which included checking whether or not the perfectly nice Dublin blogger who had the good manners to talk to me was a potential murderer. Sorry Darragh, but I did grow up in de Nart...

    Speaking of which...we went South...when are you heading North?

  6. Mr Doyle, Sir, I really enjoyed your blog. I'm glad you're finally writing your musings down at last rather than giving me an earache in some random Dublin bar.

    I hope you keep it up and you can consider me your biggest (or only) fan for the moment.

  7. Hi Darragh, great to see you and to finally find your blog - got you on RSS now! Hey if any pics of the mohican and the mustache show up, will you pls pass on? !!

  8. It was lovely to meet you, even if I was in shock at your reaction to finding me - can't believe that it was the first blog you read!

    Will you be posting your photos up somewhere? No doubt Marcus would push! I'd love a copy of the photos you took with me.

  9. Darragh (aka Fluphy!), it was really lovely to meet you on Saturday night. It was a very good night, I'm only disappointed that I didn't meet more people and that I was not brave enough to check out everybody and seek out the ones I really wanted to meet and failed to but there is always next year I suppose.

    Glad to see you are adding to your few previous posts - you will have to keep blogging on a regular basis now - no pressure!!! LOL

  10. Darragh,

    Great to meet you on Saturday. It was a wonderful night of Random. I've graduated from the Tuppenceworth bit (the consensus, it seems, was that tuppence couldn't be split three ways) and amo over on for the last while. I was going to correct the relationship between Darren and my wife and I but then I realised that I'd turn your blog in to an episode of a random Australian soap opera.

    Keep on blogging. And eventually you'll spell your name correctly. ;-)

  11. Having read this post, I believe my decision to spare your life was the correct one.

  12. I really enjoyed meeting you and now have the pleasure of reading your blog. Did you meet every Blogger in the room? Well nearly I'd say.