Sunday, March 25, 2007

Serious Fun with Bandanas to be had May 12th

On Sunday May 12th, grab a Bandana for Barretstown and have Serious Fun.

This year's Serious Fun Day for Barretstown should see something a bit different to the usual pins and flowers and ribbons and wristbands on the streets. There's a Barretstown Bandana!

Barretstown are hoping to raise €100,000 on the day to bring more kids with cancer and other serious illness to the castle. The bandanas are on sale in Smyths Toystores from April 28th.

The Bandana DesignIt's a very visible way of showing support for one of the most deserving children's charities I've ever had the pleasure of being involved with. Bit of (serious) fun too!

At only €2.00 each, buying one is a great way to ensure that children from Ireland, the UK and 21 European countries can continue to have fun at that magical place.

You can order a box of 50 for your office or workplace by calling +353 (0)45 864 115 or emailing

Each year there are 12,000 new cases of childhood cancer in Europe. Barretstown can currently help up to 1,600 children with serious illnesses and family members each year. And boy, do they help! The results are evident.

Just to maintain these numbers, they have to raise €5 million each year and 96% of this money comes from companies and individuals. Every little bit helps.

I'll definitely be wearing one or two. And buying them for friends... and strangers...

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