Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dirty words in sign language video

It started as a simple Twitter conversation this morning between me and the lovely Colette:

Tweet reads if there was ever a blog that ireland needs what is it??? im thinking of starting afresh!

I came back with "a sex blog of course. With diagrams :-P" (well, it does!). Fast forward through a couple more tweets, and half the day and suddenly I'm seeing this over on Lette's brand new blog:

There I am, outed as a perv to YouTube and the hearing and hard-of-hearing communities. Still though, I now know how to say 'sexy', 'shit', 'sex', '69' (or lesbians) and 'special blowjob' in sign.

Colette, you are seriously an excellent communicator and vlogger. Thanks for indulging me and teaching me that - you never know when I'll get the chance to use them!


  1. HAHAHAHAH your more than welcome!! haha I cant believe the reaction im getting for it, and like , tiz a pile of shyte!! hahahah :) all in good fun :)

    Lette :)

  2. Oh excellent! you know it really annoys me when the subtitles on a DVD do not include curse words. The hearing impaired have a right to enjoy a good curse too.